This order is for my client, and I need a good partner to produce the items.

This order is for my client, and I need a good partner to produce the items.

The final product is for my client, can you partner with me?

"I'm a designer / design firm / agency, and we are working on a campaign for my client. I've been working on the concept, designs and copywriting for my client and we are close to finishing the collaterals. I need a great partner to produce for my client the works we have done so far. Can I work with you guys?"
Welcome to the Bannerstand People! You've come to the right place! I need a great partner to produce for my client's order


The key to a great partnership is finding partners who understand the significance of delivering quality and sticking to deadlines. And you can count on that with For more than a decade, we have built rock-solid partnerships with many of our customers and clients because we care as deeply for their projects as they do themselves. We sweat the small details. And your client's satisfaction means as much to us and it means to you.


One of our clients shared this analogy with us many years ago, and it really stuck. He regularly gets his printing and display items produced from various suppliers, being the marketing & corporate communications manager for his company, but usually when calling or speaking to the suppliers, he had a really tough time communicating his requirements with them. "It's like chicken talking to ducks! I crack my head trying to tell them what I need, and then they come back and it's totally different from what I asked about! You know what I mean? It's like we are talking different languages, or working on totally different wavelengths. Chicken frequency and duck frequency not the same!" he laughed. But it was a laughter heavy with frustration. We really took this to heart. And we know how important it is to listen. Listen to what the customer needs, and why he needs it. Every printed item has to serve a purpose, solve a problem. Nobody prints for prints' sake. Our customers produce collaterals and marketing tools to market, or sell, or inform, or educate. So.. choose a printing partner that talks the same language when you need a great partner to produce the display items for you and your clients.


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