Pull Up Banner Sizes to Choose From

Pull Up Banner Sizes to Choose From

Pull Up Banner Sizes to choose from

What are some of the most common pull up banner sizes used around the world? And how do you choose which size is suitable for your use?

Common Pull Up Banner Sizes

85cm x 200cm - This is the most common size of pull up banner that you see most of the time. This roughly translates to 33 inches x 78 inches, for countries that use the imperial system instead of the metric system.

This size of pull up banner is commonly used for exhibitions, tradeshows, airports, hospitals, schools and more.

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Another common pull up banner size is 60cm x 160cm

This is smaller in size, and better for use in malls or shops where you might not want the pull up banner to overpower other displays or shelves.

There are also bigger sizes - such as 120cm x 200cm and the largest - 150cm x 200cm. Opt for the biggest sizes when you want to really make an impact and stand out from the competition. We have customers who only want the very biggest size of pull up banner that we can provide.

Aside from the size, there are also different designs and model of the base for the pull up stand. You can view the different sizes and models on our Pull Up Stands page. We also show the different prices for each model. Most of the models are readily available in stock and we can print your designs fast in time for your event.

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Do speak to us for more info on selecting the correct Pull Up Banner Sizes.


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