Hari Raya Packets / Sampul Raya

You can print hari raya packets or sampul hari raya with your company branding and customised design to give out during the festive season to customers, clients, friends, well-wishers and visitors. High quality, full color printing and branded green ang pows or Hari Raya packets allow you to brand and be a part of the festivities. Budget85 QUANTITYOFFERW/ GST5PCS/ PACK 600pcs$250$270.00120 packs 1250pcs$300$324250 packs 2500pcs $400$432500 packs 5000pcs$550$5941000 packs 10000pcs$800$8642000 packs
  • packet size: 155mm x 80mm
  • print material: premium quality art paper
  • glossy finish
  • thickness: 128gsm
  • double-sided full color printing
  • please allow 12-14 working days for production
  • prices subject to change, please contact us to confirm
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Make a special impression this year by having your company's own personalised hari raya packets, printed professionally and given out to your clients and customers, friends and well-wishers to spread joy and cheer during the festive season. The money packets in full color and with your logo or brand on it will be a great gift that creates a bond and serves as a relationship builder with your partners and stakeholders. Contact us today to start the process!
* Prices quoted in Singapore dollars. * Design services available, quote upon request.
"Don't worry about green packets either, as they're not expected of non-Muslims. However, if you really want to join in the fun, you can give a green packet for your host's children. The amount is totally up to you (instead of the complicated affair that ang paos are) and you can get empty ones from convenience stores or the Malay Heritage Centre. If your host were to offer a green packet to your kids, teach them to receive it with both hands. A simple "thank you" works, but it's good to also repeat the greeting "selamat hari raya". " view more at 6 etiquette tips for when you visit your Muslim friends this Hari Raya Puasa "Marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is the festival of Eid, known in Singapore as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Living in a digital age, the designs of these money packets are unlike the usual traditional designs—as design changes through ages and time. The design aesthetic complements and is suitable to the likings of this millennial generation, having various theme/series. Even though the design aesthetics are different from traditional ones, the important elements and characteristics of this festive season remained in the design, so as not to alter the meaning of Hari Raya." view more at Behance Gallery by Suhaila Aris "This year, cosmetics and skincare brand Cle de Peau (under Shiseido) has an exclusive limited edition ang pow in chinoiserie fabric with a Chinese frog-button closure. These are really too gorgeous to be given away to just anybody, and will probably be reserved for parents and in-laws, or special occasions. HSBC/The Gardens Mall offers a fushcia variant in a unique PVC material that’s embossed and has a frog-button closure as well. Fashion labels such as Guess, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Mulberry and Emporio Armani are giving out simple but elegant ang pows that stand out in a class of their own, while Paul Smith employs cutesy prints that you wish you could have on your whole dress. From a basic folded red paper envelope to intricate designs and mind-boggling complexities, the ang pow has evolved into a veritable art form. Hopefully, it won’t change so much that we won’t recognise it anymore!" view more at Changing of the red packet "Design your very own personalized duit raya packet that would surely be the talk of the kampung this Hari Raya!" view more at STYLE IT UP WITH YOUR OWN DUIT RAYA PACKET DESIGNS


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