Where to Print on a Saturday and Sunday (during the weekend)

Where to print on Saturday and Sunday (during the weekend)

Where to Print on a Saturday and Sunday (during the weekend)


You don't really plan for it, but it happens. The weekend rolls around and you desperately, frantically, immediately need to print on a Saturday or Sunday - but most printing shops are closed during the weekend. We understand the urgent need to produce, and recommend the following places for a quick fix:


Peace Centre boasts a multitude of printing shops that are open from Monday to Sunday, you can visit them for options. The address is 1 Sophia Road, Singapore 228149. Nearest MRT station is Bras Basah. Peace Centre is one of the locations where students go to do photocopying or print their school project work, especially design students from around the same area. You can print on Saturday and Sunday here.


Sunshine Plaza offers printing solutions throughout the week, including Saturdays and Sundays when you urgently require to print. There are many shops here to choose from. It takes quite a bit of legwork to walk around and select the printing shop you like. Address is Sunshine Plaza 91 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189652 and the nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut. This is another popular printing hub for students. Printing on Saturday and Sunday is not a problem.


Bras Basah means 'wet rice'. The first few floors of Bras Basah Complex are filled with printing shops, which are open during the weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. There are also a number of shops which offers banner stands, poster stands and other display solutions. There are many bookstores here, including a 3-storey Popular Bookstore. Address is Bras Basah Complex 231 Bain Street Singapore 180231. Nearest MRT Station is Bras Basah. Shops are open during the weekend too.


Queensway Shopping Centre is replete with printing shops, and you can even get tshirts, mugs, corporate gifts printed here. On top of the usual photocopying shops, print shops offer large format printing, banners, poster, brochures and more. There is also express printing option on normal weekdays and even during the weekends. You can print on Saturday and Sunday too. Address is 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053 and nearest MRT (still quite a distance away is Redhill station. You will need a bus or cab to get to the shopping centre, but it's the best option if you are in the south or west of Singapore.

Send Artwork Anytime Anyplace


Our clients work around the clock. We understand the need to know the work is passed safely on to a reliable printing partner. You've poured countless hours into the details, and finally the marketing collateral has been designed, after numerous back and forth between you and the designer, and the artwork file is approved on your end. Get it to the printers! A glance at the clock and you moan in dismay! It's midnight on a Friday night! Everyone's off for their weekend, but here's the baby in your hands, just nicely delivered and you need to pass it on to the next person who will carry it without dropping the ball! So, at 1am, you dash off an email and forward the files. We get it. We get it all the time, in fact. Files sent to us after midnight, and our team will get right onto it first thing in the morning when we are back in the office. In the meantime, once you've sent it off to us, and that whoosh sound of the Mail sent is heard, you heave a sigh of relief. You've done your part - and now it's our turn to do our part. Rest easy, we will pick it up from here. So you can send us artwork during the weekends, on a Saturday or a Sunday, during public holidays, after midnight, anytime you please. We'll pick it up from here. In a fast-moving world, work with a fast-moving partner that'll deliver every time. Some other articles you might find useful:

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