Tripod for Poster Display and Marketing Promotion

Tripod for Poster Display and Marketing Promotion

Tripod for Poster Display and Marketing Promotion

As consumers, we have gotten so used to seeing display systems in use at shopping malls or retail storefronts that we seldom stop to consider which kind of systems are frequently being used or which display stands are most portable, easy to set up and functional - that is, until we are required to decide and purchase for our own use.

Allow us to introduce the ever-trusted Tripod Easel.

It is one of the most common and reliable display tools in a marketer's toolkit. The next time you are at a mall, look around and you will find the common usage of tripod for poster presentation and display. It is so commonplace and non-intrusive - the flat poster on a board, with 3 legs jutting out under it. Most of us have walked past this non-assuming and simple display almost every day without even stopping to consider it. Our eyes are drawn to the sale / promotional message on the printed foamboard poster, we rarely think about the tripod easel that supports it.

Over time, other forms of display stands have emerged - clip banner stands, sign stands, x stands, pull up banners, and many more, in a myriad of shapes and sizes and designs - but the tripod easel still ranks right there at the top of the list for marketers who opt for a simple and nifty poster holder.

These are some of the plus points of using a tripod easel:

#1: It is portable

The Tripod Easel comes with 3 adjustable legs that can slide in so that it becomes compact and can easily be packed away in a luggage bag, if you need to. It comes with its own carrying bag. You can expand it to maximum size to hold a big poster, even A0 size if you require.

#2: It is lightweight

The Tripod Easel is so light that it easily trumps all other types of display stands that are heavier in comparison. Because of the lightweight nature of the stand, many companies keep 10-20 tripod easels to be used for their marketing events, and easily packed away compactly after their events without taking up a lot of space or weighing a lot.

#3: It is not intrusive

You hardly notice the Tripod Easel when it is being used to hold up your poster. Just 3 legs peeking out from the poster, with most of the attention being paid to the poster itself and the promotional message that the poster is displaying.

Some customers even use tripod easels to display multiple posters in an art gallery style.

If you have never used a Tripod for Poster display, and wish to see a sample, you can contact our friendly staff and we will be glad to assist you with your queries. We have ready stock of the tripod easel, and we can also produce the posters for you in time for your event.

Find the Tripod Easel listed here on our Product Page

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Traditionally, easels were used for paintings and by artists. The modern tripod for poster display is an enhanced and improved tool that is commonly used by marketers worldwide. Read up more info in this Wiki on Easel

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