Is it safe to purchase online for display and printing items?

Is it safe to purchase online for my display & printing items?

Is it safe to purchase online for display and printing items?

Is it safe to purchase online for my display & printing items?

Perhaps you've always been more comfortable walking into a printing shop to physically pass them your artwork in a CD to get your stuff printed out. By now, most customers have taken their orders online - and there are so many reasons why it is better: convenience, accessibility, safety and more..


Historically, marketing & corporate communications professionals and also business owners are used to purchasing their banners, posters, marketing collaterals, printing solutions and display materials physically at a retail outlet - that is, they drive or take a taxi to a popular printing hub retail location such as Bras Basah Complex, Sunshine Plaza or Peace Centre. You would have to bring along your artwork - perhaps stored in the form of a CD or thumbdrive, and try to get the attention of one of the retail sales assistant to give you some time of day, to attend to your requirements, and finally ensure that you have enough cash on hand to pay for the order or use a Nets card to pay for it. Then, come back again another day to pick up your order when it is ready, and lug it back to the office again in another taxi. (In total, 4 taxis to and fro, at the minimum.)


Over time, this process has changed a lot, made easier by advances in technology and brought on by the power of the Internet and the advantages of living in a connected world. Many print shops can now be found online and the power now lies with the customer. The customer is able to survey the options available and make a choice at their own comfort. This is why we adopted this tagline since 2007 when we began
Make a Stand without leaving the comfort of your seat.
We built everything around how we can provide ease and power to the customer. Empower our customers with information, pricing, accessibility, online ordering and online payment as well, if they require. Now, the customer can approach us easily, enquire and check with any of our sales staff, who are quick to respond to your enquiries, submit artwork easily via email or through a file-sharing site such as WeTransfer or Hightail (you upload the files and we download the files securely on our site), all liaising is done via email or phone. We map out the process for you, detailing the timeline required to produce and estimated delivery date. We arrange delivery to your convenience direct to your office, event or hotel. Both customers locally and internationally love the convenience and attentiveness given to their projects. And frankly, it's hard to put a price tag to convenience and peace of mind.


Being online means we are open to receive your email enquiries 24/7 and we attend to them promptly when we are back in the office during working hours. You don't have to wait for our opening hours in order to grab a cab and come to a retail outlet. Many customers visit our website during the wee hours of the morning or when they are burning the midnight oil preparing for an event. Our website is available to you 24/7, and you can find pricing information clearly listed, with templates and specsheets you can use to create your artwork to the correct size and resolution. Our team responds to enquiries fast during our working hours. Our production side operates 24/7 to turn around your orders in record time.


Yes, it is safe and it saves you a lot of headache and legwork. As opposed to the traditional way of walking down to a retail outlet and relaying the instructions to the sales person verbally, when you submit the order to us online, everything is documented in black and white, so instructions don't get lost in translation or forgotten. It's fast and secure, and cuts down on a lot of time, so you meet your deadlines better. This is also how bosses get impressed and customers get promoted faster.


You can request for a testprint before proceeding with the order. We offer the testprint complimentary, if there is enough time to meet the deadline you have stipulated. If you have 2-3 weeks to complete the job, then the testprint can be done comfortably. If you need the job turned around 2-3 days, then a testprint will not be possible to be squeezed in, as you might miss your deadline. We can advise you on this when you speak to us.


We backup your artwork so you can pull it out again at a later date if you need to print the same artwork again for another event.


We can arrange to deliver and set up the items for you, for a small fee. Please refer to this article - Do you Provide Delivery of the Order to My Office / Event Venue? Most customers are busy attending to a 1,001 tasks on their checklist as they prepare for their marketing campaigns, product launch or tradeshow. We aim to make it easy and fuss-free for you. Engaging a reliable and experienced partner to handle your printing solutions and marketing collaterals and produce your display materials will take a load off your shoulders, with results you will be proud of. Some other articles you might find useful:

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