PVC Banners in all shapes and sizes for outdoor use

Choose PVC Banners if you need a great material for outdoor usage.

PVC banners are made of material which is durable. This material can withstand the duress of wind, rain, harsh sunlight and other weather conditions in outdoor areas. It can be rolled up easily. In addition, it can be stored away without taking up much space when you do not use them.
PVC Banner Printing for Outdoor PVC Banner Printing for Outdoor
The photo above shows one of our completed projects for the Sunlove Home. A PVC banner printed in bright sunshine-y colors was fixed across the top portion of the glass facade to the entrance. The PVC banner drapes across nicely. It has a bright cheery welcome message for all visitors to the home. It also helps to shield the inside area from the sunlight during afternoon hours. This is good, providing a bit of shade for indoor patrons.
Long PVC Banner for exhibition Long PVC Banner for exhibition


These banners can also be used for indoor areas, such as exhibitions and marketing events.
PVC Banner for anniversary PVC Banner for anniversary
PVC banners can also be used for anniversary functions, corporate dinner and dance, birthdays, special occasions and for commemorative events. We offer PVC banners in any size and quantity. This is the link to the PVC Banner Product Page. You can also use PVC banners with our selection of portable display stands, such as clip banner stand, extendable clip pole, outdoor banner stand, and slot banner stand. If you like to change your banners frequently, then PVC banners will be a more cost-effective and easier option as they are easy to change with these display stands, as compared to pull up banner stands. If the PVC banners are meant to be placed on the wall, you can put them up using velcro tape, foam double-sided tape, or tie them up with string going through the eyelets at the corners of the banner. We can add extra eyelets if you need, do be sure to specify your requirement to us when placing your order for the PVC banner.
Eyelets for PVC banners
Eyelets for PVC banners
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