Pull Up Banner Stands are the best choice

Pull Up Banner Stands are one of the most popular forms of display stands used throughout the world. Corporate graphics and brand messages are best displayed on pull up banner stands. In general, most people refer to these display stands as Pull Up Standees or Roll Up Stands.

Generally, it varies in the terms used for this standee: pull up stands, roll up banner stands, and various other assortments of these keywords. The pull up banner stand is named after the method used to set up these banner stands. Firstly, the user places the cartridge base on the floor. Secondly, the user tilts out its legs to stabilise it. The user then proceeds to grab the header bar, to which the print graphic is attached.

Lastly, you pull the print up, all the way up to its maximum height of 2 metres for example, and then fix it into place with the cylindrical 3-joint pole that is provided.

The banner is ready to be displayed and used when this is done in just a matter of seconds. You can have a full-size banner, 2m x 85cm (for the Premium85 model) ready to be shown to your audience. Hence, the nifty and short name: Pull Up Stand.


They are the same thing but sometimes referred to with different names. The Roll Up Stand name is likely derived from the way that the print is kept when the stand is put away. Once you detach the header bar from the pole, the print rolls up into the cartridge base.

This is also one of the advantages of using the Pull Up Stand. The print is safely and securely protected in the cartridge base when it is not in use. Therefore, the print has minimal chances of being scratched or torn or marred for being exposed. The print is allowed to be in pristine condition and able to be used again and again for many years, looking as fresh as the day it was produced.

Hence, it is truly great value for your money when you use such banner stands!

In conclusion, people love pull up stands because they are fast to use, portable and super easy to set up. You can find pull up stands at exhibitions and marketing events. In addition, you can also find pull up banner stands in use at shopping malls and showrooms.

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