Can I Use the Pop Up Stand as Stage Backdrop for My Event?

Can I Use the Pop Up Stand as Stage Backdrop for My Event?

Use Pop Up Stand as Stage Backdrop

Can I Use the Pop Up Stand as Stage Backdrop for My Event?

Exhibitors and marketers love the pop up stand for its portability and ease of use. You are able to wheel in this nifty black trolley case with wheels and pop it open within 30 minutes flat. Next, out comes all the parts of the pop up stand - its modular extendable frame, the magnet bars, the printed panels, spotlights and more. Within merely 30 minutes, just by yourself and without requiring any additional tools, you can assemble the whole stage backdrop. Voila! You are ready for showtime! Exhibitors and marketers universally love the pop up stand. It is no wonder really. The pop up stand is great as your stage backdrop or the canvas for your space. You can reuse it again and again at different events unlike awooden stage backdrop which are built for one-time use. Many executives travel extensively with their pop up stands and get great marketing mileage out of it.


Most companies and businesses use stage backdrops as a large format canvas to set the tone for their space or booths. Max out the space with your brand or logo to leave your mark on your space. Infuse it with your corporate colours, branding message and product or service highlights. The pop up stand can be a timeless canvas that you transport with you from event to event. Now you can leave your branding imprinted on potential clients and customers. This creates amazing awareness and great visibility. Pop Up Stand Stage Backdrop for American Chamber


Many other display stands, easels, pull up stands, posters and more will adorn your space and your booth at events, but nothing quite tops the backdrop as a show-stopper. You can count on that effect with the pop up stand. This massive banner stand is in a league of its own. It is favoured by the big boys who are serious in investing to optimise their presence at events. Pop Up Stand Stage Backdrop 2


Splash your products or service highlight across the printed panels of the pop up stand. The backdrop paints a vivid explanation of what your business is all about. It facilitates more qualified conversations and effective networking to happen for your company representatives during the duration of the tradeshow or exhibition. We have worked on hundreds of Pop Up Stands and Backdrops for our clients over the years. Every requirement is unique. We are committed to helping you get the best out of your requirements. Get the conversation started. Call or email us, Your Bannerstand People. Make a stand, without leaving the comfort of your seat! View more examples and pricing details at the Pop Up Stand page. Pop Up Stand Stage Backdrop for Fitch Ratings

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