View Fireworks at Padang Singapore on National Day

View Fireworks at Padang Singapore on National Day

If you are searching for the best spot on National Day at the Padang Singapore to view the fireworks and festivities, please watch this video:

This article from Straits Times also highlights the best places to get the perfect shot on National Day from the Padang of the Singapore festivities on the night of 9th August 2019.

About Padang Singapore

Padang is a Malay word meaning 'field'. The Padang Singapore is a huge open field located in the Downtown Core in Singapore. It is surrounded by several significant landmarks, such as the City Hall MRT Station, City Hall, the Old Supreme Court Building and the Saint Andrew's Cathedral.

Padang Singapore is used as the venue for many events, including the National Day Parades due to the significance of the first National Day Parade having been held there in 1966.

Padang Singapore is also used as a recreational area with both the Singapore Cricket Club and the Singapore Recreation Club having been formed there in 1870 and 1883 respectively.

In Singapore, it is a common sight to see the National Day flags being displayed around the island, on HDB flats and around the residential estates.

We at also offer NDP banners to decorate office spaces and condos and business areas, with ready templates that you can customise to include your company's logo, and quickly be prepared to join in the festivities.

If you are a visitor to Singapore, welcome!

We love this sunny island we call home, and every year when National Day swings around, we become all nostalgic and emotional, especially when national day songs are in the air wherever you go, in the car on the radio as you are navigating through peak hour traffic, at the supermarkets as you are navigating the aisles, and more.

Here are a list of National Day songs, including some of our favorites - Stand Up for Singapore, Count on Me Singapore, We Are Singapore, and our personal favorite and guaranteed tearjerker (especially if you are a Singaporean celebrating NDP overseas) - Kit Chan's rendition of 'Home'.

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