Launch promotions before the exhibition

Launch promotions before the exhibition

Launch Promotions before the Exhibition

One of the best things you can do as you are preparing for an exhibition is to treat it like a show of your own. This will be in stark contrast to many other exhibitors who simply book an exhibition space or exhibition booth, wait for the date of the exhibition, head to the hall and dress it up and put a few team members to man the booth for a few days. If show attendance is good, you will have some results. If show attendance is bad and the turnout is poor, you blame the organiser. But what if you treat it like a show of your own, and prepare for your own show? Way before the exhibition, you should be planning and orchestrating promotions and marketing activities that will lead up to the exhibition, whetting up the interest around your company. Take ownership of your promotions as you prepare for the exhibition. Launch marketing campaigns on Facebook in anticipation of the exhibition. Give out coupons / discount vouchers online which can be redeemed at your booth. Have a competition or lucky draw and announce the winners. All of these promotions culminate at the exhibition itself, where your audience and visitors have already been acquainted with your company and your brand beforehand, so that when they come and finally meet you there, the rapport has already been built and it is easier to build meaningful business relationships with them.

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