How to Maximise Booth Space?

How Do I Maximise my Booth Space?

How to Maximise Booth Space?

How Do I Maximise My Booth Space?

Your booth space in the exhibition is truly where you make it or break it. All the planning culminates in the short days and hours that you will be at the booth space itself, and you want to be sure you have it all prepared, so that the experience will be smooth sailing for you and your team.

3 ways to get the best out of your exhibitor booth

How to Maximise Booth Space? Pop Up Stand 3x3 (3 Curved) with Hardcase Countertop - Mach

1. Engaging exhibition visitors at the exhibitor booth

Most exhibitions will go through peak and off-peak periods during the day. Sometimes it can get very quiet. Or sometimes there can be a mad rush of foot traffic right at the aisle of your exhibitor booth. You need to decide on the best strategies to grab the attention of your visitors. They walk past and take in your exhibitor booth, do a once-over, sweeping gaze to quickly decide if you are worth stopping for. Or they keep moving to the next booth and the next booth. You need to stop them in their tracks one way or another. So no wonder really, that a smile can be referred to as a disarming smile. As the visitors walk past you, arrest them in their tracks with your most welcoming smile. Make eye contact and acknowledge them with a friendly nod. Invite them over with a simple ice-breaker. You can start off with the simple question to ask if they have tried or heard about your company or your company's products. Do your best to engage, and to create rapport. Don't launch right away into your sales pitch. Zoom out to the more generic issues, take some time to get to know them and what brought them to the exhibition today. Remember be engaging, and not too aggrassive. You listen first, and get them to talk to you first.

2. Have contests and promotions

Offer something sizeable as a prize and gather visitor information to build leads you can follow up on later. You can also have a name card lucky draw with prizes like the latest gadget or tablet. This allows you to engage your visitors with some fun.

3. Clear and effective signage

Dress up your exhibition booth clearly to reflect your company's brand and message. At a glance, can the customer understand what it is you do and what you are offering? It will draw visitors who are looking for what you offer, at the same weeding out visitors who have no interest at all, so that you can spend quality time with qualified leads who are likely to become your customers. In a standard shell scheme booth, you can invest in Pop Up Stands as well as Pull Up Stands to make an impactful display. A well-designed banner will lay out your brand message clearly and help you to communicate more effectively with the exhibition visitors. All the best, and we hope you get the very best out of your exhibition booth! Give The Banner Stand People a call to discuss how we can help you bring out the best for your company at its next marketing event - we'll be pleased to assist!

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