Stage Backdrop: Creating an effective centrepiece for your event

Creating an effective Stage Backdrop

You are putting on a show or preparing for a seminar. So you need to have a great stage backdrop to enhance the event. Just in luck - we can recommend some options. The traditional way is to get a backdrop created from scratch with wooden backing and sticker plastered over it. But that takes time, creates a mess and is also not reusable for future events. Nowadays, clients are leaning more towards stage backdrop settings that can be reused. In addition, they easier to set up without requiring too much manpower or too many tools. To meet these requirements, we have found that the Pop Up Stand is a great stage backdrop option. It only requires 1 to 2 persons to set it up, can be done without any tools (as it has magnetic parts that stick into place), and takes only 10-15 minutes to put up. At the end of the show, you can easily take it apart, again without requiring any additional tools, in just 10-15 minutes and all the parts, including the printed panels, and the foldable structure, fits nicely into the trolley case, ready to be stored away unobtrusively until the next time you require to use it again. Clients love it! Pop Up Stand for American Chamber

Tips for designing your backdrop

1- Keep the design clear, not cluttered 2- Decide on placement of sponsors logos 3- Make it visible, at reading level, not covered by tables, etc. 4- Measure the size required 5- Prepare enough time for setting up and tearing down 6- Reusability of the graphics "<yoastmark "<yoastmark "<yoastmark All things culminate in the centrepiece you are creating for your event. That is where every pair of eyeballs in the room will be focused on throughout the event. So make it a great one and effective and memorable for your guests.
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