Tripod Easel

Tripod Easel

Using the Tripod Easel to prop up posters

The Tripod Easel is a great display stand to hold up your mounted poster. Marketers love this stand because it’s so portable. The easel comes with three extendable legs that perch upon the floor. Plus, it has a hanging ledge that you can rest your poster on.

It can hold up a poster of A1 size maximum, measuring 84cm height by 59.7cm width, or even an A0 size poster that’s landscape (84cm height x 118.8cm width).

This makes a great stand to put up at the entrance of a retail outlet. The easel can carry a promotional message that can be easily noticed and read by customers who are walking past the storefront. The tripod is slim and non-intrusive. At the end of the day, it can be easily folded up. And you can store it away in the black canvas bag that it comes in.

We carry the tripod easel in ready stock and we can deliver to customers within 1-2 working days. Call us if you need more information, we are pleased to be at your service.



This is the link to the Display Stands’ Product Page. The tripod easel is one of the many portable display stands that we offer for marketers and exhibitors. Beside the tripod easel, some other stands you can consider for holding up your poster and banner are the clip stand, the slot stand, the A-frame poster stand, and many others.

You can choose to print your posters and banners with us as well. Alternatively, you can bring the ones you already have. Together we can decide which one is a good fit for them. Our team decides this based on the size of the poster or banner. In addition, we also have to factor in the usage. Will you be using them outdoors or indoors? We have to ensure that the stand you choose will be suitable. Outdoor conditions which can be windy, will require a stand with a heavier base.

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