Prepare Handy Box for Exhibition

Prepare Your Handy Box for the Exhibition

When heading to tradeshows, exhibitions, roadshows and marketing events, prepare your handy box where all your odds and ends can be found. The handy box is where you put all the things you will inevitably need during the course of the event – extra business cards, paper, name tags, velcro, paper clips, thumb tacks, scissors, tape, stapler, pens and more.

We have seen on numerous occasions where exhibitors are busy preparing their booth for the start of the exhibition and they are missing one thing or the other and have to pause all preparations so they can go on a hunt for that small thing. It can take an hour or two, and they end up exhausting themselves to no end.

Now there won’t be a need to send someone from your team out to search for thumb tacks and wasting time waiting around for the odds and ends you need to make your event a blast. 


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