The Outdoor Banner Stand – stability and wind-resistant

Why consider the Outdoor Banner Stand?

In searching for the right banner stand to use, it helps to determine for yourself what are the criteria that you need to meet. Will you be using the banner stands indoor or outdoor? Not all banner stands were created equal – some are light and portable and designed for the modern traveller who frequently moves around and needs to set up at events and roadshows quickly. They want the lightness because of all the travelling they do. But for outdoor events, a different set of criteria needs to be met. You are dealing with the unpredictable conditions of the weather. It could be bright hot and sunny, or windy  or even rainy.

Knowing that you are going to be operating outdoors, it would be wise to select a suitable outdoor banner stand.





Selecting an outdoor banner stand which has a water-base would be a great choice. The base structure can be filled with water and made heavy, so that when the banner is fixed and standing, it’s practically impossible to push the banner over. It remains standing strongly, resisting the wind.

When filled with water, the base weighs 23kg.

The base that is filled with water ensures that the whole banner stand has a low center of gravity.



You can also use the very versatile Clip Banner Stand as your choice of outdoor banner stand. It can be used individually to hold posters and banners, or coupled up to hold bigger sized banners that form a backdrop for photo-taking or to herald an event.

The clip banner stands are very easy to set up and the whole backdrop sets up in 10-20 minutes, without requiring any additional tools.

Clip Banner Stand Backdrop - Basic Internet Business Workshop

Clip Banner Stand Backdrop – Basic Internet Business Workshop

Clip Banner Stand Backdrop - Passport to Success

Clip Banner Stand Backdrop – Passport to Success


We tested the outdoor banner stand with backdrop at extremely windy areas, and can confirm that it stands up well under windy conditions, without falling or toppling over. Placed at the back of a buffet catering set-up, the backdrop looks great and complements the display of food.

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