We use photo paper with matte lamination, preferred for its superior finishing and vivid colors. Matt lamination is chosen by default, because it gives a classic sheen to your print and is better for visibility, as compared to gloss lamination, which can reflect spotlights and is easier to scratch. However, gloss lamination is still available, and provided upon special request.

We use PVC canvas material (also known as tarpaulin) as it is more suited for outdoor usage, being water-resistant, durable and flexible. You can request for finishings such as eyelets (also known as grommets), poles (at the sides), pockets and sides with hot-sealing.

Due to the nature of usage for this product, we are unable to offer guarantee/warranty. Some of our clients use the products for years and they remain in very good condition, while others get their stands bruised and dented within weeks. This depends largely on individual handling methods, and human traffic conditions within exhibition/event locations or shipping processes which are beyond our control.

However, you can email us for any assistance required. We are happy to provide support and technical assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Our products are sourced from various manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea. We select the best items available in these markets, with an eye for value, quality and cost. Asian manufacturers are rapidly making improvements in their products, and standards are matching up to European levels. We frequently receive praise from our overseas customers for the standard of our products.

Printing is done locally in Singapore with HP’s latest range of printers. We provide both inkjet and solvent printing.

Once artwork is received and we have confirmed that the artwork is of suitable quality for printing, we can turn around the order within 2-3 working days for most of our items. For larger quantities, we will advise on additional time needed.

Please note that for pop up stands, we require 5-7 working days for production leadtime.

Please note that for namecards and flyers, we require 5-7 working days for production leadtime.

We practise emailing artwork visuals to customers, for them to proofread, check visuals and make confirmation before we proceed for print. If we spot any mistakes, we will usually feedback and check with you. However, we are not responsible or liable for any mistakes in the artwork provided by your side.

Hence, customer confirmation is crucial and should be taken seriously. We urge our customers to thoroughly check the visuals before issuing a confirmation to proceed via email or telephone to our staff.

Colors are printed according to the CMYK values in the artwork, so if you’re unsure if the color will turn out as you specifically require, please request for a testprint before you proceed. The testprint takes 1-2 days and customers will be invited to our office to view and check it before proceeding for print. We also have color swatches in the office for you to select from. does not bear any responsibility for mistakes found in the artwork which had been earlier confirmed by the customer. We will help you to reprint, but there will be costs incurred.

Due to our fast production time, we send jobs to print within the hour upon receiving confirmation from you via email or telephone. If you decide to stop production in order to revise artwork or make changes, or to cancel the order, please note that there will be a stop charge of 50% of the order amount.

Imposing the stop charge is necessary to recover cost of material, labour and time invested. Hence, all proofreading and visual checking of artwork should be properly done before issuing confirmation to proceed.

Yes, we do. Email us at for a quote or to request to view samples of our design work.

We prefer hi-res PDF files, but are also able to accept Freehand, Illustrator, and Photoshop files. We do not use QuarkXpress or Indesign.

All text should be pathed and all images need to be at least 150dpi at 100% scale. Artwork should be accompanied by a hardcopy proof or a flattened JPEG file so we can view and compare to ensure nothing has misaligned or differs from your intended artwork.

Yes, we do. Email us for a quote.

Cash or cheque payment upon delivery is preferable. Otherwise, credit terms of 14 days can be arranged, subject to our discretion. We extend credit terms to returning and regular customers

Overseas orders (made from beyond the shores of Singapore) can be paid using Paypal or telegraphic bank transfer. For such orders, we require payment in advance, in order to proceed with production.

Yes, delivery is charged at $20 per location.

For special locations like Marina Bay Sands, Jurong Island and Sentosa Island, the delivery charge is $30 (due to special arrangements required to access these locations, entrance charges and longer delivery times).

Yes, we regularly ship out orders using FedEx. Please enquire with us to get a quote for the shipping charges that will apply for your destination. Please also note that our quote for shipping does not cover the customs duties & taxes that are imposed by the receiving port, and we advise customers to check up on this beforehand with their customs side.

At, we take every job seriously. We pride ourselves on delivering to exceed your expectations every opportunity we get. This is the driving force which pushes us to excel, and keeps our customers coming back to us.

We don’t just sell banners, posters, brochures and display stands; our job #1 is client satisfaction, that your event/ exhibition is a success and that you win brownie points with your boss and overwhelm and excite your customers.

And that’s why we are your Bannerstand People.