Do you submit e-invoice after order is placed?

“I’ve gone through your website and found some products that our organisation is looking for. I would like to place an order with, and I would like to know if you can do e-invoicing and submit e-invoice after order is placed and delivered to us.”

WORKING WITH GOVERNMENT AGENCIES has had a long established and trusted working relationship with various government agencies. Among these agencies are the government ministries, organs of state, statutory boards such as ACRA, CSC, NEA and many more.

Agencies require us to be updated and familiar with the e-invoicing system to submit fulfilled jobs as e-invoices and for us to be paid via the Vendors@Gov platform.

If you are ordering with us for the first-time, and you are from one of the government agencies, rest assured that we are fully supportive of the e-invoicing procedure.


You may refer to the Vendors@Gov website for more information on e-invoicing.

Also there are handy manuals to guide you through the process.

We also find this process flow PDF to be very useful to guide you in setting up a Vendors@Gov account if you have not set up an account yet. (for suppliers like us)

If you need more information, simply call in to Vendors@Gov. We have found their officers to be friendly and helpful whenever we reached out to them for information and assistance.

All the best!


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