Welcome to Pullupstand.com – The Bannerstand People. Since 2007, we have been providing printing service to 1000s of companies, equipping marketers and business owners with quality prints and display products.

Our tagline is “Make a Stand without leaving the comfort of your seat”.

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Full range of printing service in Singapore

Our full range of products extend from pull up stands, pop up stands, display standees, posters and poster frames, pvc banners, brochure stands, acrylic holders, promotion counters, sticker labels, wall murals to many more items.

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We provide printing service to assist companies in their advertising and promotional activities, so that they can make the best impact at marketing events and exhibitions.

Quality – We believe in providing high quality products for marketing use, without scrimping on materials or finishing. From the display systems that we supply to the printing paper or media that we use and the printing machines that produce your collaterals, so that the end product is something you can be proud of.

Service – We believe in providing great service, such that customers enjoy coming back to us again, and in creating long-term relationships with our clients. Great service is the cornerstone of what we do here at Pullupstand.com, and this earns us our moniker: the Bannerstand People.

Timely – We believe in speed and are obsessive about deadlines, making sure you get your products delivered in time for your event. Right from the beginning, we ensure that we keep your deadlines at the top of our mind, and consistently follow up to ensure that the job progress moves towards achieving what you have in mind.

If you are ready to try out our printing service, do contact the Bannerstand People today – email us at info@pullupstand.com or call us +6567451153

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Pull Up Banner Sizes to choose from

What are some of the most common pull up banner sizes used around the world? And how do you choose which size is suitable for your use?

Common Pull Up Banner Sizes

85cm x 200cm – This is the most common size of pull up banner that you see most of the time. This roughly translates to 33 inches x 78 inches, for countries that use the imperial system instead of the metric system.

This size of pull up banner is commonly used for exhibitions, tradeshows, airports, hospitals, schools and more.

some links to other sites that show the 33 x 78 inches:

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Pinterest Examples of Pull Up banners

Another common pull up banner size is 60cm x 160cm

This is smaller in size, and better for use in malls or shops where you might not want the pull up banner to overpower other displays or shelves.

There are also bigger sizes – such as 120cm x 200cm and the largest – 150cm x 200cm. Opt for the biggest sizes when you want to really make an impact and stand out from the competition. We have customers who only want the very biggest size of pull up banner that we can provide.

Aside from the size, there are also different designs and model of the base for the pull up stand. You can view the different sizes and models on our Pull Up Stands page. We also show the different prices for each model. Most of the models are readily available in stock and we can print your designs fast in time for your event.

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Do speak to us for more info on selecting the correct Pull Up Banner Sizes.


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How Much Money to Start A Business In Singapore?

How Much Money to Start a Business in Singapore? How much Money do you need in order to start a business in Singapore? This is a commonly asked question for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start and establish their first business here in the metropolitan city of Singapore. To start your business in Singapore, the amount of money required will vary greatly, depending on the kind of business you are looking to start and your risk appetite. Let’s expand a bit more on this topic..


What kind of business are you looking to start here in Singapore? A brick and mortar bakery will require much more capital vs a book-keeping firm, for instance. A car dealership will require much more capital to begin vs a boutique design agency. Depending on the kind of business you are looking to establish, it will greatly vary. When you sit down with a business coach, he will look into this in greater detail, and together you will be able to plan your spending better, once you have a clearer idea of what it entails and what kind of setup is required.


Some business owners can get off the ground just with a little bit of savings, and grow organically. They bootstrap and start lean, and focus on getting their first few clients and customers to start the business moving. Once again, depending on the kind of business, you can start with as little as a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and get your business moving. We live in an age where you can get your logo designed on Fiverr for just five dollars, and get your namecards printed fast and affordably so you can start meeting customers already. Some savvy business owners tap on their existing network to get clients by word of mouth, or even set up a simple booth or table at functions, where they can be seen and introduce their new business to new prospects. A simple pull up stand can have you looking professional and presentable in no time at all! Alternatively, your business might actually require intensive research & development and for a prototype to be created before you can get to market. In this case, you would be looking to raise investment or funds right off the bat. You should be meeting with investors or venture capitalists with your business plan or pitch deck. You need more money up front and bootstrapping will not be in your favour, as it’s a mad rush to get to market first, before any potential competitors.


Getting your new business off to a good start requires an effective marketing plan, and you need to invest dollars into your marketing. Be it offline marketing or online marketing, the word needs to get out. Promote the business so it gets attention and reaches the right target market. This is a part of the business that your business coach can help you study and plan for as well. Don’t neglect this part of the business! It can very well make or break any new business (or any old business, for that matter!) Marketing matters!


Don’t be afraid to spend on the business, but be wise about it. Once you are a business owner, you have to think differently about the way you spend your dollar for the business. Spend wisely in areas that will bring greater Return on Investment (ROI) for the business. You are not just spending, you are investing!
Hope that these pointers have helped you with nagging concerns on how much money it will cost to start a business in Singapore. Singapore is a great place to do business, one of the best places in the world actually for business, and we wish you great success in your new enterprise!


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The final product is for my client, can you partner with me?

“I’m a designer / design firm / agency, and we are working on a campaign for my client. I’ve been working on the concept, designs and copywriting for my client and we are close to finishing the collaterals. I need a great partner to produce for my client the works we have done so far. Can I work with you guys?”

Welcome to the Bannerstand People! You’ve come to the right place!

I need a great partner to produce for my client's order

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