Where to Print on a Saturday and Sunday (during the weekend)

Where to Print on a Saturday and Sunday (during the weekend)



You don’t really plan for it, but it happens. The weekend rolls around and you desperately, frantically, immediately need to print on a Saturday or Sunday – but most printing shops are closed during the weekend. We understand the urgent need to produce, and recommend the following places for a quick fix:


Peace Centre boasts a multitude of printing shops that are open from Monday to Sunday, you can visit them for options. The address is 1 Sophia Road, Singapore 228149. Nearest MRT station is Bras Basah. Peace Centre is one of the locations where students go to do photocopying or print their school project work, especially design students from around the same area. You can print on Saturday and Sunday here.


Sunshine Plaza offers printing solutions throughout the week, including Saturdays and Sundays when you urgently require to print. There are many shops here to choose from. It takes quite a bit of legwork to walk around and select the printing shop you like. Address is Sunshine Plaza 91 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189652 and the nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut. This is another popular printing hub for students. Printing on Saturday and Sunday is not a problem.


Bras Basah means ‘wet rice’. The first few floors of Bras Basah Complex are filled with printing shops, which are open during the weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. There are also a number of shops which offers banner stands, poster stands and other display solutions. There are many bookstores here, including a 3-storey Popular Bookstore. Address is Bras Basah Complex 231 Bain Street Singapore 180231. Nearest MRT Station is Bras Basah. Shops are open during the weekend too.


Queensway Shopping Centre is replete with printing shops, and you can even get tshirts, mugs, corporate gifts printed here. On top of the usual photocopying shops, print shops offer large format printing, banners, poster, brochures and more. There is also express printing option on normal weekdays and even during the weekends. You can print on Saturday and Sunday too. Address is 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053 and nearest MRT (still quite a distance away is Redhill station. You will need a bus or cab to get to the shopping centre, but it’s the best option if you are in the south or west of Singapore.


Send Artwork Anytime Anyplace



Our clients work around the clock.

We understand the need to know the work is passed safely on to a reliable printing partner.

You’ve poured countless hours into the details, and finally the marketing collateral has been designed, after numerous back and forth between you and the designer, and the artwork file is approved on your end. Get it to the printers!

A glance at the clock and you moan in dismay! It’s midnight on a Friday night! Everyone’s off for their weekend, but here’s the baby in your hands, just nicely delivered and you need to pass it on to the next person who will carry it without dropping the ball!

So, at 1am, you dash off an email and forward the files.

We get it.

We get it all the time, in fact.

Files sent to us after midnight, and our team will get right onto it first thing in the morning when we are back in the office.

In the meantime, once you’ve sent it off to us, and that whoosh sound of the Mail sent is heard, you heave a sigh of relief. You’ve done your part – and now it’s our turn to do our part.

Rest easy, we will pick it up from here.

So you can send us artwork during the weekends, on a Saturday or a Sunday, during public holidays, after midnight, anytime you please. We’ll pick it up from here.

In a fast-moving world, work with a fast-moving partner that’ll deliver every time.


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Is it safe to purchase online for display and printing items?

Is it safe to purchase online for display and printing items?


Is it safe to purchase online for my display & printing items?

Perhaps you’ve always been more comfortable walking into a printing shop to physically pass them your artwork in a CD to get your stuff printed out. By now, most customers have taken their orders online – and there are so many reasons why it is better: convenience, accessibility, safety and more..




Historically, marketing & corporate communications professionals and also business owners are used to purchasing their banners, posters, marketing collaterals, printing solutions and display materials physically at a retail outlet – that is, they drive or take a taxi to a popular printing hub retail location such as Bras Basah Complex, Sunshine Plaza or Peace Centre.

You would have to bring along your artwork – perhaps stored in the form of a CD or thumbdrive, and try to get the attention of one of the retail sales assistant to give you some time of day, to attend to your requirements, and finally ensure that you have enough cash on hand to pay for the order or use a Nets card to pay for it.

Then, come back again another day to pick up your order when it is ready, and lug it back to the office again in another taxi. (In total, 4 taxis to and fro, at the minimum.)

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How Do I Frame A Poster?

How Do I Frame A Poster?



(3 Ways to Decorate the Office)

How to Frame a Poster

A simple way to quickly jazz up a space is to put up posters on the walls. You probably put up posters of your favourite band or superheroes in your bedroom when you were younger. Some of us have our favourite shots from our wedding photoshoot blown up and framed in our master bedroom. Many of us spend hours at the IKEA showroom looking through the many choices for photo frames.

Posters are great to decorate the office space as well. In a new office, the walls can be bare and dull, and you can quickly spice up the space by hanging up a few posters. Even better if the posters hold your corporate message, describe your company culture and values, and inform visitors to the office of your company history, milestones and achievements.

We have clients who receive posters sent to them from the corporate headquarters (HQ) and they need to get the posters framed up and displayed on the walls. There are many choices to get this done. You can make it a DIY project with a couple of workmates, purchase the frames and do the framing yourself. Or you can engage a professional display company to frame a poster for you.

Over the years, because we received so many enquiries from customers asking for these products and for advice on how to frame a poster, so we have started providing various options for framing of posters that work very well in a corporate setting, and lend a professional look to the space.

You can choose from Snapframes, Acrylic Frames or PVC Frame Capping.


Snapframes are great when you want a fast and easy way to get your posters framed. Using a spring mechanism on all 4 sides, the sides of the frame can be open and shut anytime you like. It snaps open and snaps shut. There is a clear protective sheet to overlay on your poster. Using a snapframe is really simple, just snap open all 4 sides of the frame, remove the clear protective sheet, place your poster against the frame backing, place the clear protective sheet over your poster, and snap shut the 4 sides of the frame – and you’re DONE! It probably wouldn’t take you more than a minute to do.

Frame a Poster with Snapframe


Fixing it on the wall is also easy, since the frame is quite lightweight. You can choose to affix the frame to the wall just by using heavy-duty mounting tape. And the next time you need to change the posters, you can do it without having to take the frames off the wall. Just snap open the 4 sides of the frame and remove the existing poster, and replace it with the new poster. It’s really user-friendly and we are sure you’ll love how simply it works.

We offer standard sizes for snapframes (see: What are common poster sizes?) as well as customised sizes too, if you need them customised to the size of your posters.


Frame a Poster with SnapframeFrame a Poster with Snapframe


Snapframes are also frequently found in shopping centres and in elevators, too. They carry marketing posters showing the latest promotions happening in the malls. And because the information changes every month, mall management choose the snapframes for how easy it is to change posters regularly without having to take them off the walls when you are doing the changeover.




Another way to frame a poster is to sandwich it in an acrylic frame. Acrylic frames are clear perspex holders that can hold your posters with style. The glossy sheen of the acrylic surface gives a classic impressive look to any poster.

Frame a Poster with Acrylic Sandwich Frames


We offer standard sizes as well as customised sizes for acrylic frames.

The corners of the frames have chrome spacers that look very stylish and they hold the 2 pieces of acrylic together. Acrylic frames are a hit with customers for corporate setting because of how stylish and classy it looks in an office setting.

To change the posters, it is quite easy still. Just unscrew the spacers at the 4 corners and carefully remove the acrylic frame. Lay it flat on a table and open up the acrylic piece. Replace the poster, and you might even add a tiny piece of double-sided tape on the back of the poster (on the edges) to help keep the poster from sliding off-centre.

Frame a Poster with Acrylic Sandwich Frames






Have a tight budget and want to keep expenses down? We suggest the PVC frame capping for your poster.

Frame A Poster with PVC Frame Capping

Unlike the first 2 options, PVC Frame Capping is a more permanent way of framing your poster. You cannot remove it and change to reuse your poster again. The first step is to take your rolled poster and mount it onto 5mm foamboard backing. It will be pasted onto the foamboard (this is the permanent part that’s irreversible). Then, the foamboard mounted poster will have PVC capping down around the perimeter of the poster (just the edges).

Posters with PVC Capping Frame

PVC Frame Capping for VeoliaPVC Frame Capping for Merck


PVC Capping can be done in any size customised to your poster size. It is very lightweight and after you frame a poster, you can put it up on the wall using just velcro tape or double sided mounting tape.





If you need other choices aside from the 3 mentioned above, we also can provide wooden framing and more. Do feel free to check with us! You can enquire below or just give us a call to ask how to frame a poster and we are free to provide advice for no cost at all. Look forward to speaking with you.

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How to Stop Banner Stand From Falling Down?

How to Stop Banner Stand From Falling Down?



Having your banner stand falling down all over the place and all the time is not just an inconvenience, but can be downright embarrassing for the business. Most of us place banner stands at the entrance of our stores, office or place of business. Depending on how windy that area can be, whether it’s fully outdoor or partially outdoor, sudden gusts of wind can simply blow over the stand, and topple it forward, falling flat on the floor.

1. Place a Weight at the Base (especially for Pull Up Stand)

One way to keep the banner stand upright is to place some substantial weight on the base. If you are using a Pull Up Stand, you can place weighted objects at the legs, such as a brick or sandbags. Many customers do this, but we usually advise them from the outset to know the area where the banner stand will be placed. If you know it is an outdoor area and there is the potential of strong wind that will have your banner stand falling all the time, then you should choose more suitable stands such as the outdoor banner stand which comes with a water base to keep it weighted down.

2. Tie it Back Against the Wall

If there’s a wall near to where the banner stand is placed, you can secure the pole of the banner stand to the wall using a length of nylon string or rope. As the pole is usually behind the banner or poster that you are displaying, it will not be visible to your audience. This acts as a deterrent and will keep your banner stand falling down to the floor. However, it is not a 100% solution. Strong winds will have your banner stand flailing like a kite in a storm. Inevitable because the large surface area of the banner cannot escape the wind.

3. Buy a Display Stand with a Water Base

Both Option 1 and Option 2 still suggest that the better option is to purchase a display stand that can do the work you require it to. Knowing that you have a very windy area and that the banner stand will be placed outdoors, right from the outset, you should consider a display stand with a water base.

The outdoor banner stand comes with a water-filled base. When you are ready to display, fill up the water base and at its fullest, it will weigh 23kg. That will surely hold your banner down against the wind. When you are done and need to pack it up and carry with you, you can pour out the water, and it will only weigh 3kg when it’s empty. Very nifty solution!


On Damage And Dust

Banner stands that are placed outdoor or in very high traffic areas are prone to alot of wear and tear. Intentional or unintentional brushes with the banner, getting knocked down or being exposed to the elements. We urge customers to consider how they use the banner stands from the beginning and how to minimise exposure of the banner stand to damage and dust.

In some instances, it is entirely inevitable and we totally understand. Banners are part of the marketing arsenal for most businesses. You send them out to fight, come rain or shine, bearing your marketing message and call to action. We have seen customers bring these ‘soldiers’ back to us from the battlefield. Some have been standing outdoor for months and come back grimy and embittered. Some have been shipped all over the world, used and abused from city to city and then returned finally as a war hero. They do return to us, and we welcome them back like the veterans they are. You can send them back to us, even if they are missing a screw or got their leg chewed off.

We put them on our operating table and we try to save them. Sometimes a transplant is required. We need to cut out the old graphics and give it a fresh new look and dust it down a little.

But we’ll do it. The Bannerstand People will take care of it.

(Ask about our reprinting service!)


Banners are part of the marketing arsenal for most businesses. You send them out to fight, come rain or shine, bearing your marketing message and call to action. We have seen customers bring these ‘soldiers’ back to us from the battlefield. Some have been standing outdoor for months and come back grimy and embittered. Some have been shipped all over the world, used and abused from city to city and then returned finally as a war hero. They do return to us, and we welcome them back like the veterans they are. You can send them back to us, even if they are missing a screw or got their leg chewed off.


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