You should use Brochure Stands to showcase your brochures, flyers, product catalogues and more. Depending on the size of your brochures, or printed collateral, you can choose from our many models of brochure stands for the best that suits your requirement.



Many companies print brochures, flyers and other collaterals. Generally, they use them to market and promote their products and services. However, too many companies then make the mistake of just displaying their brochures and flyers laid simply flat on tabletops. Hence, these marketing collaterals will just lie flat and lifeless and rarely attract the attention of potential customers.

Some opt to have their staff handing out the flyers. But we all tend to shrink away from salesmen. Generally, we just don’t like to be sold to. A good way to counter the resistance is to display your brochures and flyers attractively using brochure stands.  In this way, they can grab the attention of passersby and make them stop in their tracks to consider your offerings. Potential customers can take the flyers or brochures. They do not have to get accosted by your staff. This is overall a friendlier approach to promotion.



There are zig zag brochure stands, netting brochure stands, zip up brochure stands, revolving brochure stands and more. Do let us know the size of your brochures or printed collaterals. In this way, we can advise you which model will suit you best. Other important factors to consider: portability, weight, sturdiness, number of compartments, etc.



Firstly, will you need the brochure stand to be placed at a fixed location (like the example of the SMU Shop Revolving Brochure Stand below)? Secondly, will you need something that’s easy to keep, portable and you can travel with (like the Netting Brochure Stand shown below, which can be packed compact into a small black carrying bag)? Third, will you need something with a countertop where you can put your namecards, as well as some collaterals as you are discussing with a client at an exhibition (then the Tabletop Black Zig Zag Brochure Stand will be suitable for you).

We have different models for A4 sized flyers and brochures. Also different models for A5 sizes flyers and brochures and different models for DL sized flyers and brochures. Common sizes used for brochures, flyers and such collaterals are A4, A5, A6, DL sizes.


To sum up, do let us know what you are looking for in your brochure stand. We are pleased to propose the best solution for you!


Revolving Brochure Stand

Revolving Brochure Stand

Zig Zag Brochure Stand, Tabletop

Zig Zag Brochure Stand, Tabletop

Netting Brochure Stand

Netting Brochure Stand


Our happy client, Ryan from Sportshub SG, standing with the acrylic standees we delivered to him a year ago! We worked closely with Ryan to come up with the artwork for the standees, & we hope everyone at Sportshub will be as pleased & excited as us to finally see the end products ! #pullupstand #pullupstanddotcom #acrylicstandees #splashnsurf #singaporesportshub #kids


Consider foamboard posters the next time you need a sturdy and portable display tool for your event. Normal posters are not mounted and can be rolled up, but you find upon unrolling the poster that they tend to curl at the edges and just will not remain flat to be viewed nicely by your audience.

Posters can be mounted onto a foamboard backing. These foamboard come in a full piece size of 4 ft x 8 ft. That is around 1.2m x 2.4m. In order to mount your poster onto the foamboard, we will paste it onto the foamboard (the foamboard comes with an adhesive side). This process can either be done manually or using a machine. We have to do it thoroughly so that there is no bubble (when air pocket gets trapped under the poster). That will result in an unsightly outcome. So it’s not really something you should DIY if you’ve never done it before.

The foamboard can be trimmed to whatever size your poster is – A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0 size. If you want to know more about poster sizes, you can refer to this blog article on poster sizes.

Foamboard Posters for Republic Polytechnic

Foamboard Posters for Republic Polytechnic


You can fit the poster with one of our display stands which we offer on the Display Stands page. Choices range from the tripod easel to the clip stand or the slot stand. Propping up a foamboard poster on the stand will make it easily visible and more outstanding to attract attention.

So do consider Foamboard Posters the next time you are thinking of a marketing tool that’s nifty and light!


Deluxe150 Pull Up Banner Stands for Gemfields

Deluxe150 Pull Up Banner Stands for Gemfields

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for Print A Smile 2

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for MYB

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for MYB

Large Pull Up Stands Deluxe150 150x200cm for Bureau Van Dijk

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for Bureau Van Dijk


A standalone banner like the Large Pull Up Stands can act as a backdrop by itself, for visitors and guests to pose against and take a photo. That’s a keepsake to create memories. At the same time, they are helping you to gain extra mileage and visibility when these photos go up on social media.

The normal pull up stand has a width of 85cm, while the large pull up stand has a width of 150cm. This is for the Deluxe150 model. That’s almost twice the width and twice the impact.

The normal pull up stand has one pole to prop it up at the back of the stand. The large pull up stand has 2 poles to prop it up. You can emblazon it with your brand and really make a grand impression at your next marketing event.

We have had clients who used 2 or 3 of these large pull up stands to create massive branding and stake out their territory at an exhibition. It can double up as a backdrop to your space. And the most amazing thing about it is – you can pack it all away in a matter of minutes. Without requiring a single tool!

Get started on yours today!