Can I Print Logo on the Q Stand Belt?


The Q stand comes with 2-metre long retractable belt in various colors – blue, red, black and grey. Some customers are fine with purchasing the Q stands as is. While some customers ask us if they can print logo on the Q stand belt.

Yes you can get your logo printed on the Q stand belt – do scroll on to see examples of those we have done for customers:


Can I Print Logo on the Q Stand Belt?

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The final product is for my client, can you partner with me?

“I’m a designer / design firm / agency, and we are working on a campaign for my client. I’ve been working on the concept, designs and copywriting for my client and we are close to finishing the collaterals. I need a great partner to produce for my client the works we have done so far. Can I work with you guys?”

Welcome to the Bannerstand People! You’ve come to the right place!

I need a great partner to produce for my client's order

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Can you help me arrange for multiple deliveries or to many delivery locations?

Firstly, we do provide deliveries for our clients. Please read this article if you haven’t.

Secondly, most orders require only one delivery to the client’s office or event venue. In some cases, we are required to deliver to hotels too, because the client is flying into Singapore for an exhibition, and wants their display items ready and waiting for them when they touch down and arrive for their exhibition.

But there are also cases where the clients have many retail outlets and want the display items delivered to many different locations around Singapore or even overseas.

Can you help me arrange many delivery to multiple locations?

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Customers frequently ask us to provide standard size of a PVC banner that they can order, and to be frank there are no cut and dry standard sizes. The size is very flexible, and up to your preference and usage. Based on the venue / space where you are using the PVC banner, you can print the PVC banner to your liking. If you are using the PVC banner with a display stand, then the display stand will determine how big or how small you can print your PVC banner. But if you are using on a wall or free space, then remember – there is no such thing as a standard size for a PVC banner!

Standard Size for a PVC Banner

The Space determines the Size for the PVC Banner you wish to produce and print

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