Magnets are sticky and can leave a compelling impression

Oh magnets! They are so versatile and useful.

Use the humble magnet – customised with your own logo and brand – as a corporate premium or branded gift that you can use for giveaway to your clients. They can put it up at their workplaces, homes, refrigerator and more, where there will be ample opportunities to gain eyeball impressions and repeated chances to leave a subconscious impression of your brand, building a long-term relationship between your clients and you, without realising it.

Below are some photos of those we have created for our clients:


Most clients use them to contain contact details and information that they can share with their customers. This works great for clinics, consultancies, agencies and more. Your customers will now have these information, like your contact number, address, opening hours and contact person at their fingertips. They can put it up at their workstation or on their refrigerator and easily accessible for all family members in the home or all colleagues in the office.

Magnets for Mother and Child

for Mother and Child

Magnets for Beemster (Big, Die Cut Shape)

for Beemster (Big, Die Cut Shape)



Another great use is to share key messages and quotations. They are a great canvas for inspiring and motivational messages. People love to receive them as they can be kept and cherished, and beautify their workspaces or cosy nooks at home. Spread beauty and gratitude – and associate them with your own brand messaging.

Magnets - Divine LInk

for Divine Link

Magnets for Tupperware

for Tupperware



They can also be used to create memories and commemorate events. Celebrate the event and give them as a keepsake for the attendees which they can keep and cherish.

Magnets for Dyslexia Association of Singapore

for Dyslexia Association of Singapore

Magnets for Tupperware Movie Night

for Tupperware Movie Night

Magnets for SCS Project

SCS Project



Some clients use them to share a bit of fun and games with their audience. This creates interactivity with your branding.

Magnets of Wheel of Fortune for Palm View

Wheel of Fortune for Palm View



They can also be customised to each individual and furthermore to celebrate a special occasion for the organisation.

Magnets NUS - special diecut design

for NUS – special diecut design


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Choose PVC Banners if you need a great material for outdoor usage.

PVC banners are made of material which is durable. This material can withstand the duress of wind, rain, harsh sunlight and other weather conditions in outdoor areas. It can be rolled up easily. In addition, it can be stored away without taking up much space when you do not use them.


PVC Banner Printing for Outdoor

PVC Banner Printing for Outdoor

The photo above shows one of our completed projects for the Sunlove Home. A PVC banner printed in bright sunshine-y colors was fixed across the top portion of the glass facade to the entrance. The PVC banner drapes across nicely. It has a bright cheery welcome message for all visitors to the home. It also helps to shield the inside area from the sunlight during afternoon hours. This is good, providing a bit of shade for indoor patrons.

Long PVC Banner for exhibition

Long PVC Banner for exhibition



These banners can also be used for indoor areas, such as exhibitions and marketing events.

PVC Banner for anniversary

PVC Banner for anniversary

PVC banners can also be used for anniversary functions, corporate dinner and dance, birthdays, special occasions and for commemorative events.

We offer PVC banners in any size and quantity. This is the link to the PVC Banner Product Page.

You can also use PVC banners with our selection of portable display stands, such as clip banner stand, extendable clip pole, outdoor banner stand, and slot banner stand. If you like to change your banners frequently, then PVC banners will be a more cost-effective and easier option as they are easy to change with these display stands, as compared to pull up banner stands.

If the PVC banners are meant to be placed on the wall, you can put them up using velcro tape, foam double-sided tape, or tie them up with string going through the eyelets at the corners of the banner. We can add extra eyelets if you need, do be sure to specify your requirement to us when placing your order for the PVC banner.

Eyelets for PVC banners

Eyelets for PVC banners

Call or email us if you need more information, we are pleased to be at your service.


Tripod Easel

Tripod Easel

Using the Tripod Easel to prop up posters

The Tripod Easel is a great display stand to hold up your mounted poster. Marketers love this stand because it’s so portable. The easel comes with three extendable legs that perch upon the floor. Plus, it has a hanging ledge that you can rest your poster on.

It can hold up a poster of A1 size maximum, measuring 84cm height by 59.7cm width, or even an A0 size poster that’s landscape (84cm height x 118.8cm width).

This makes a great stand to put up at the entrance of a retail outlet. The easel can carry a promotional message that can be easily noticed and read by customers who are walking past the storefront. The tripod is slim and non-intrusive. At the end of the day, it can be easily folded up. And you can store it away in the black canvas bag that it comes in.

We carry the tripod easel in ready stock and we can deliver to customers within 1-2 working days. Call us if you need more information, we are pleased to be at your service.



This is the link to the Display Stands’ Product Page. The tripod easel is one of the many portable display stands that we offer for marketers and exhibitors. Beside the tripod easel, some other stands you can consider for holding up your poster and banner are the clip stand, the slot stand, the A-frame poster stand, and many others.

You can choose to print your posters and banners with us as well. Alternatively, you can bring the ones you already have. Together we can decide which one is a good fit for them. Our team decides this based on the size of the poster or banner. In addition, we also have to factor in the usage. Will you be using them outdoors or indoors? We have to ensure that the stand you choose will be suitable. Outdoor conditions which can be windy, will require a stand with a heavier base.

Most Commonly Used Poster Sizes

What are the Most Commonly Used Poster Sizes?



Most poster sizes commonly used are from the A series paper sizes, defined by the ISO 216 standard.

The poster sizes are A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0. Since we are referring to poster sizes, we begin from A4 size, but in the A series, there are smaller sizes available. A5 and A6 (which is the normal size for postcards).

A4 is the size of our normal office printing paper, measuring 21cm width x 29.7cm height.

You will find that each subsequent size is twice the size of the previous size.

For example, A3 is twice the size of A4, A2 is twice the size of A3, and so on.

Commonly used poster sizes like A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.

Commonly used poster sizes like A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.


Most Commonly Used Poster Sizes

A4 = 21cm x 29.7cm

A3 = 29.7cm x 42cm

A2 = 42cm x 59.4cm

A1 = 59.4cm x 84cm

A0 = 84cm x 118.8cm


A1 Poster Sizes: Foamboard Mounted for Republic Polytechnic



There is also the B series paper sizes,

It’s not as commonly used as the A series, but you find the poster sizes being used for IKEA poster frames and more.

B4 = 25cm x 35.3cm

B3 = 35.3cm x 50cm

B2 = 50cm x 70.7cm

B1 = 70.7cm x 100cm

B0 = 100cm x 141cm



These are the most common sizes of posters that designers and design clients will usually stick to, but frankly, there is no restriction or limitation to the size or shape of the poster which you can create.

You might also find this useful: How Do I Prepare a Poster for Printing?

We have had experience printing many different custom sizes and shapes. For posters with a custom shape, diecut to an irregular shape, we can do them too.




Posters can also be made to lifesize standees, which can be propped up with an aluminium easel attached to its back. This is also commonly used, and we have made a few for customers. Most memorable are the ones made for wedding reception, where the wedding couple are printed out as a poster made into a lifesize standee.


poster foamboard standee


For more information on printing posters, please refer to our Poster Printing and Frames page


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