Flyer Printing and Namecards

We are pleased to offer Namecards and Flyer Printing to our customers, with one of the best pricing in Singapore. The namecards and flyers are printed on premium material, in full-colour double-sided print. Find out more on the Namecards & Flyers page of our website.

Many marketers and brand owners use flyers for their marketing collaterals. They are light and can be placed in the palms of your customers. Giving them to customers as they pass you at your exhibition booth will stop them momentarily. Customers will stop to look at you even if for a mere second. That is all that matters sometimes. Stopping them in their tracks gives you the opportunity to strike up a conversation. The simplest question such as “Shopping for a new fridge, sir?” is enough to create a conversation. Utilise the power of the flyer to be the ice-breaker.


It’s wise of course to always keep in mind the cardinal rule. People just hate to be sold to. So don’t come off as overly sales-y. Share information. Educate. Create awareness. These are better ways to present your company to a new prospect, rather than direct hardline sales. New prospects are cold leads. They need to know why they should give your company a chance and why they should award the sale to you. Fill up the content of your flyer with more information and educate them why your company is the right choice for them.

All the best and please do let us know how we can serve you in your marketing needs!

Flyer Printing - The Bannerstand People

Flyer Printing – The Bannerstand People




Pay2Home A5 Flyers - Flyer Design and Printing by The Banner Stand People

Pay2Home A5 Flyers – Flyer Design and Printing by The Banner Stand People

Storefriendly A5 Flyers - Flyer Design and Printing by The Banner Stand People

Storefriendly A5 Flyers – Flyer Design and Printing by The Banner Stand People


Consider foamboard posters the next time you need a sturdy and portable display tool for your event. Normal posters are not mounted and can be rolled up, but you find upon unrolling the poster that they tend to curl at the edges and just will not remain flat to be viewed nicely by your audience.

Posters can be mounted onto a foamboard backing. These foamboard come in a full piece size of 4 ft x 8 ft. That is around 1.2m x 2.4m. In order to mount your poster onto the foamboard, we will paste it onto the foamboard (the foamboard comes with an adhesive side). This process can either be done manually or using a machine. We have to do it thoroughly so that there is no bubble (when air pocket gets trapped under the poster). That will result in an unsightly outcome. So it’s not really something you should DIY if you’ve never done it before.

The foamboard can be trimmed to whatever size your poster is – A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0 size. If you want to know more about poster sizes, you can refer to this blog article on poster sizes.

Foamboard Posters for Republic Polytechnic

Foamboard Posters for Republic Polytechnic


You can fit the poster with one of our display stands which we offer on the Display Stands page. Choices range from the tripod easel to the clip stand or the slot stand. Propping up a foamboard poster on the stand will make it easily visible and more outstanding to attract attention.

So do consider Foamboard Posters the next time you are thinking of a marketing tool that’s nifty and light!

Reuse Existing Pull Up Banner Stand

Can I reuse existing Pull Up Banner Stand?

“Our company already has several pull up banner stands that we purchased previously. The graphic is outdated and we have new designs that we want to use. Can I reuse existing pull up banner stand?

Yes, you can reuse existing Pull Up Banner Stand. Not to worry, here at, we have done it for our clients all the time.

Here’s how you can reuse existing Pull Up Banner Stand: The Pull Up Banner Stand consists of a printed banner and a cartridge system. If it is time to refresh your banner design, you can return the Pull Up Banner Stand to us. We can trim the old banner out, print a fresh new banner. And we can install it into the same cartridge system. It is more cost-efficient to keep reusing your banner stands this way. Replacing just the print costs significantly less than getting a new stand.

Please ensure that your existing stand is in good condition, is not badly dented, or damaged in any way. We understand that our customers use display products intensively and extensively. We have seen banner stands which traverse across different continents in less than a month, passing through multiple hands and being used at numerous events. There is a lot of handling, from exhibition, to cargo, etc. (One plus point is that the cartridge, being made of solid aluminium, covers the printed banner, protecting the banner from any knocks or dents. This is why the printed banners usually last many years looking as good as new.)

So before returning a Pull Up Banner Stand to us for print replacement, please check to see if the stand is still in good functioning condition.

Reuse existing Pull Up Banner Stand

Reuse Existing Pull Up Banner Stand and Give them a new Lease of Life.

Doing our small part for the environment

We are glad to help you save cost as well as save the environment by reusing your existing banner stands.

(If you have Pull Up Banner Stands which were purchased from other companies and not originally from, we can also offer the banner print replacement for your stand too. Many different models have passed through our workshop, and we’ve had a chance to get acquainted with them before.)

We have had customers ask us before if it is possible for them to DIY (do-it-yourself) the reprint installation. Yes you can, but it will be much safer to let us do it for you so you don’t run the risk of loosening the roller system in the cartridge such that it becomes totally unwound.

Call us if you need more information, we are pleased to be at your service.

This is the link to the Pull Up Stand Product Page.


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I am not based in Singapore. Can I still order a Pull Up Stand from your website?

Yes, you can order a Pull Up Stand from us no matter where in the world you are. So don’t worry if you are not based in Singapore. We are easily accessible via email and phonecall.

Pull Up Banner Stand


Though we are based in Singapore, we have been serving customers from all over the world for many years.

Please feel free to email us with your requirements, and let us know your delivery location. You can send us artwork via email, or if your files are large, you can use file-sending websites such as or or even Dropbox if you have an account. Due to amazing advancements in technology and the Internet (ain’t it spectacular!), we can receive your artwork without delay and start corresponding with you to quote you for your order.

Overseas orders for pull up stand are delivered by FedEx and we will inform you of shipping costs as well as expected delivery time.

1) We have experience handling large orders. In one of our most memorable projects, we despatched nearly 1,000 Pull Up Banner Stands of different languages and designs to 20+ different countries for an MNC client. This was produced and shipped out within 3 weeks.

2) We have also received an order from a customer in one country, and arranged for deliver to another country. Eg. We received order from a client in Tokyo, and arranged for delivery of stands to Indonesia. We received another order from a client in Sydney, and arranged delivery of stands to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

At the end of the day, it is important to us that we stand by our tagline:

‘Make a stand, without leaving the comfort of your seat.’

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