Deluxe150 Pull Up Banner Stands for Gemfields

Deluxe150 Pull Up Banner Stands for Gemfields

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for Print A Smile 2

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for MYB

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for MYB

Large Pull Up Stands Deluxe150 150x200cm for Bureau Van Dijk

Pull Up Stand Deluxe150 150x200cm for Bureau Van Dijk


A standalone banner like the Large Pull Up Stands can act as a backdrop by itself, for visitors and guests to pose against and take a photo. That’s a keepsake to create memories. At the same time, they are helping you to gain extra mileage and visibility when these photos go up on social media.

The normal pull up stand has a width of 85cm, while the large pull up stand has a width of 150cm. This is for the Deluxe150 model. That’s almost twice the width and twice the impact.

The normal pull up stand has one pole to prop it up at the back of the stand. The large pull up stand has 2 poles to prop it up. You can emblazon it with your brand and really make a grand impression at your next marketing event.

We have had clients who used 2 or 3 of these large pull up stands to create massive branding and stake out their territory at an exhibition. It can double up as a backdrop to your space. And the most amazing thing about it is – you can pack it all away in a matter of minutes. Without requiring a single tool!

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Pop Up Banner Stands for Backdrops at Conference and Exhibition

Pop Up Banner Stands are great for use as a backdrop in conferences, as they take much lesser time to assemble, and can be easily kept away after the conference and reused in future events as well.

The Pop Up Stand acts as a feature wall, acting as the photographic backdrop for your panelists and speakers, and gives your company or brand plenty of mileage.


Pop Up Banner Stands for Amcham

Pop Up Banner Stand for Conference

Unlike wooden backdrops that take more time to set up and need to hacked down at the end of the show, the Pop Up Stand is neatly disassembled and kept into its wheeled trolley case, stored away until the next time you need to use it again.

More samples and information about the Pop Up Stand can be found here.

Can I Join 2 Pop Up Stands to Make A Long Graphic Wall?

Can I Join 2 Pop Up Stands to Make a Long Graphic Wall?


You might be familiar with the Pop Up Stand – an amazing and nifty stand that pops out of a square trolley box and can be assembled to form a backdrop stand within half an hour, without requiring any additional tools. One person could fix it up alone and it’s a bit like magic (We love demonstrating the assembly portion to first-time users.. the look in their eyes! It’s like watching a magic show) But a question we oft receive from customers – Can we join 2 Pop Up Stands to make a long graphic wall?

The short answer is: Well, definitely yes! 

And we have done it on countless occasions, so we can tell you with much certainty – it looks absolutely fantastic!


Join 2 Pop Up Stands Become Longer



Even after we join 2 pop up stands together to make a longer graphic wall, the assembly time is not going to be much longer. You can still get it assembled within an hour. And after your event is over, you are able to pack it up in less than an hour, all parts, including the print, fit nicely into the 2 trolley cases (as seen in the photo above). Yes, once again – it works like magic!


Join 2 Pop Up Stands Become Longer

The Back View of 2 Pop Up Stands Joined To Form a Longer Graphic Wall

Join 2 Pop Up Stands Become Longer

How 2 Pop Up Stand Joined Together Looks Like from the Front View

Join 2 Pop Up Stands Become LongerJoin 2 Pop Up Stands Become Longer



The Pop Up Stand’s unique and modular design allows it to be joined up to create a larger graphic wall, either as a temporary partition in an open space, a massive backdrop at a conference or an attention-grabbing feature at roadshows and marketing events to splash your branding message across.

More samples and information about the Pop Up Stand can be found here.


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