These Pull Up Banner Stands for UPS was printed and delivered to the client. They look great when displayed together. UPS is a logistics giant with its HQ in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. UPS is known for its trademark brown delivery trucks and uniforms, hence the company nickname “Brown”.

At, we love and are inspired by how the big boys such as UPS, FedEx and DHL infuse top quality service into the last mile fulfillment. We aspire to their service standards as well.


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Prepare Handy Box for Exhibition

Prepare Your Handy Box for the Exhibition

When heading to tradeshows, exhibitions, roadshows and marketing events, prepare your handy box where all your odds and ends can be found. The handy box is where you put all the things you will inevitably need during the course of the event – extra business cards, paper, name tags, velcro, paper clips, thumb tacks, scissors, tape, stapler, pens and more.

We have seen on numerous occasions where exhibitors are busy preparing their booth for the start of the exhibition and they are missing one thing or the other and have to pause all preparations so they can go on a hunt for that small thing. It can take an hour or two, and they end up exhausting themselves to no end.

Now there won’t be a need to send someone from your team out to search for thumb tacks and wasting time waiting around for the odds and ends you need to make your event a blast. 


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Use a portable trolley to easily transport your stuff

If you have posters and banner stands you need to carry to and from your car to the exhibition booth or roadshow, we recommend investing in a portable trolley to strap all the display stands together so you can easily wheel them from point-to-point. Keep your hands free, so you don’t bust your back, and most importantly, you can still look cool as you strut towards the show.




Daily-use-at-home-small-portable-car-shopping-cart-luggage-cart-trolley-car-retractable-folding-bike New-arrived-small-Aluminum-portable-shopping-luggage-cart-trolley-car-retractable-folding-bike-trailer-handcart-bag


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Prepare your posters and banner stands before the show commences.

Most tradeshows will allow at the very least 1 day before the show for exhibitors to come. There will be some time allocated for the exhibitors to dress up their booths with their posters and banner stands. Plan for what you will do and how many people you will need to assist you for the setting up. The best way to go about it is to plan exactly how your booth will look. What you will need to achieve that look?

Decide on the banner stands and signages and posters you will be needing to dress up your booth. A clear plan of what message you wish to portray to your visitors. Also visualise how you wish to stop traffic visually will help you to create an impactful impression during the tradeshow. Decide if you want posters that are unmounted and can be easily rolled up. Or will you prefer posters that are mounted on foamboard? Decide what size of pull up stands you will need. How many pull up stands you need, and where to display them? Many exhibitors use pull up stands in a pair to flank both sides of a standard shell scheme booth.

Other marketing collaterals

All other marketing collaterals such as flyers, namecards, brochures, signs and more should be planned and do think about how you wish to best present them. Simple touches like a brochure stand and acrylic brochure holders shows attention to detail and makes a difference in impressing your visitors.

Posters and Banner Stands for Exhibition

Pop Up Stand 3×3 (3 Curved) with Hardcase Countertop – BoA

Don’t get caught unprepared and looking messy with ruffled and crushed banners, or hastily pasting up posters on the first day of the event itself. You have made an investment in the tradeshow and it’s best to make the most out of your investment by being prepared.

If you are stretched for time, and flying into Singapore for the exhibition, you can rest easy by engaging a trustworthy banner supplier like to order your posters and banner stands.

We have extensive experience supporting exhibitors from overseas to prepare for their exhibition. You can order all your pull up stands, banners, displays, brochures, posters and more from us. Let us take a load off your shoulders. When you reach Singapore, you can arrange with us to have your display stands delivered direct to the exhibition booth. In addition, we can even assist you to set up the stands at the booth.

Let us make it easy for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Impressing potential clients and closing more deals.