Poster Frames for Decorating the Office Space

Poster Frames to Decorate the Office Space

Poster Frames for Decorating the Office Space

There’s nothing quite like great poster frames to spruce up a space – and this applies to any space, be it home or office. The office space, as a place where we spend 8-10 hours a day being surrounded by the walls that enclose us, deserves to be decorated thoughtfully, especially when the corporate space can be a great influence and reflection of company culture.

The Corporate Space can be a great Influence and Reflection of Company Culture

Poster Frames to Decorate the Office Space


Poster Frames can easily transform a blank space. The contents of the poster can vary from simple text phrases (with heavy typographic design) to corporate messages to powerfully moving images and graphics. Poster frames are to be found not just in the reception area of your office but around the whole space, to create visual relief and lessen the pressure of work.



Some options where you can get your frames from:

1. IKEA (

2. DAISO (

3. MUJI (

These outlets offer poster frames from A6 size to A5 size to A4 size. And they offer many different models and designs of poster frames. These are great for putting on countertops, office desks or on the walls.

For greater impact, get bigger sizes of poster frames.



Bigger poster frames for the walls of your office

Poster Frames to Decorate the Office Space


There are various models of poster frames you can choose from – from acrylic frames, to snap frames, to wooden frames or aluminium frames. You can also opt to have your images printed on canvas and stretched out over a wooden backing. This is called stretch framing, as seen in the photo above.

Choosing the suitable poster frames for your office space can seem like a daunting task for you to decide on. We can assist you in this by arranging a visit to assess your requirements and make recommendations. Feel free to contact us via email or phone so we can arrange for this.

Poster Frames to Decorate the Office Space


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Do you Provide Delivery of the Order to My Office / Event Venue?

Do you Provide Delivery of the Order to My Office / Event Venue?

For your convenience, we can arrange for delivery of orders to your office, event venue and hotel too. Delivery is charged per trip.

– S$30 to Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Jurong Island

– S$20 to all other locations island-wide

For hotel drop-offs, you can normally arrange for us to leave it with the concierge desk at the hotel, in the care of the concierge. We will ask the concierge to sign for the delivery.

All deliveries are done within working hours, unless specifically requested. Deliveries done out of the normal working hours might incur additional charges, which we will inform you in advance.

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EVENT360 Vendor Profile

EVENT PARTNER FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT is showcased on the Event360 website as an event partner for display design, print & build-related projects.

Event360 is an online portal which connects event services providers and event partners with users or businesses who are planning events. They work with venue owners too.

Event 360 is built by event planning professionals with more than a decade of event planning experience. They understand the pain and challenges of putting an event together. Hence, they aim to help event planners seek the right event services and venue partners in just a few clicks.



The following services are available from the Event360 website:

• Users can search their comprehensive directory of event services and venue providers.

• Following that, they can shortlist the right event partner.

• They can request for multiple quotes in just one submission.

• Users can compare quotes.

• They can communicate online directly with their shortlisted vendor using a user-friendly dashboard.


event partner submission



Compiling all the established event partners at one site is a fabulous idea. Clients and event planners now have easy access to these contacts. Advance checking has been done by the website owners. This is to ensure listed partners are reliable.

Some event partners might be tried and tested, or simply bogus companies who are unreliable. You do not want to risk your event falling into their hands. The company branding and reputation suffers terribly if the event is botched up. You want to be sure you are entrusting the responsibility properly. It should go to the hands of those who are experienced and committed to going the full mile to get things done right.

We hope you will consider as your event partner for upcoming events.

This is the direct link to our vendor profile: click here

event partner display design print vendor in singapore on event 360 website