Can you help me arrange for multiple deliveries or delivery locations?

Can you help me arrange for multiple deliveries or to many delivery locations?

Firstly, we do provide deliveries for our clients. Please read this article if you haven’t.

Secondly, most orders require only one delivery to the client’s office or event venue. In some cases, we are required to deliver to hotels too, because the client is flying into Singapore for an exhibition, and wants their display items ready and waiting for them when they touch down and arrive for their exhibition.

But there are also cases where the clients have many retail outlets and want the display items delivered to many different locations around Singapore or even overseas.

Can you help me arrange many delivery to multiple locations?


We have done many such arrangements for our clients in the past. They purchase in bulk and might require us to deliver to 20-30 locations across the island. We work closely with the client to achieve and ensure this is done smoothly and completed fast. We request for a list of locations, contact person and contact details for each location, and if there are any preference for the order of delivery.

We usually try to break the deliveries into clusters, so that our delivery team can complete cluster by cluster.

Each additional stop will incur a small delivery fee. This is to cover the time, effort, parking charges and many other logistical manoeuvring that is associated with delivering to your locations.





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