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Pullupstand.com is showcased on the Event360 website as an event partner for display design, print & build-related projects.

Event360 is an online portal which connects event services providers and event partners with users or businesses who are planning events. They work with venue owners too.

Event 360 is built by event planning professionals with more than a decade of event planning experience. They understand the pain and challenges of putting an event together. Hence, they aim to help event planners seek the right event services and venue partners in just a few clicks.



The following services are available from the Event360 website:

• Users can search their comprehensive directory of event services and venue providers.

• Following that, they can shortlist the right event partner.

• They can request for multiple quotes in just one submission.

• Users can compare quotes.

• They can communicate online directly with their shortlisted vendor using a user-friendly dashboard.


event partner submission



Compiling all the established event partners at one site is a fabulous idea. Clients and event planners now have easy access to these contacts. Advance checking has been done by the website owners. This is to ensure listed partners are reliable.

Some event partners might be tried and tested, or simply bogus companies who are unreliable. You do not want to risk your event falling into their hands. The company branding and reputation suffers terribly if the event is botched up. You want to be sure you are entrusting the responsibility properly. It should go to the hands of those who are experienced and committed to going the full mile to get things done right.

We hope you will consider Pullupstand.com as your event partner for upcoming events.

This is the direct link to our vendor profile: click here

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National Day Banners 2017

National Day Banners Johnny

National Day Banners. Did you Forget?

We are merely 4 weeks away from celebrating 52 years of Singapore’s independence, and everywhere you turn you will see lots of National Day banners and decorations signifying the occasion and ushering in the celebration.

We have prepared ready banner templates for you, and you can add in your own logo to customise and personalise your NDP banner for your company.

View from our selection of designs and order a banner for just $50 onwards! It’s affordable, simple and fast! Order now to avoid disappointment!

Luckily you now know where to get the banners fast.

Pullupstand.com – The Bannerstand People.


National Day Banners SG50 Jubilee Example National Day Banners SG50 Example


GET YOURS HERE >> Singapore National Day Banners

Beyond National Day Banners. All other kinds, too.

Beside the National Day Banners, Pullupstand.com also offers other designs and personalised banners to help you commemorate and celebrate various festivals and special occassions throughout the year. If you don’t see it here, just give us a shout out to let us know what you are looking for in particular. Need a New Year banner, or an Anniversary banner, or a wedding reception poster? Or maybe you are looking for an Store Opening banner or poster? Or perhaps a Graduation ceremony banner? All our posters, banners, and prints can be customised with your own design. Make it your own – provide us the words, logos, photos that you’d like to include – and we will fashion up a banner that’s one of a kind, just for you.

Our production time is super fast and we can have your order ready in a few working days. Design usually take a few more days. Thus, factor in the back-and-forth communication between client and our designers, followed by a few rounds of amendments that is needed to get to the final artwork. Therefore, once artwork is confirmed by the client, and the green light is given – the production begins! Within 2-3 days, you can have your banner delivered to your office or workplace! It’s as simple as that!

Let us know how we can begin to serve you!



This is a list of exhibitions in Singapore in the month of June 2017

  • NAME: Consumer Electronics Exhibition
  • DATE: 1-4 June 2017
  • VENUE: Suntec Singapore
  • NAME: Kidz Academy
  • DATE: 9-11 June 2017
  • VENUE: Suntec Singapore
  • NAME: Asian Attractions Expo
  • DATE: 13-16 June 2017
  • VENUE: Marina Bay Sands
  • NAME: Celebfest Ramadan
  • DATE: 16-18 June 2017
  • VENUE: Suntec Singapore
  • NAME: SCM Logistics World
  • DATE: 29-30 June 2017
  • VENUE: Suntec Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant hub for MICE activities, with a full calendar all year round of meetings, conventions, exhibitions, conferences and more. Some are tradeshows and suited for corporate visitors. Many are also consumer events, open to the public, and attract a lot of footfall. Singapore is viewed as a regional hub for business, with a lot of commerce converging in this little red dot.

Main venues for exhibitions include the Marina Bay Sands Expo, Singapore Expo and Suntec Exhibition & Convention Centre. Visitors from overseas will also be in for a treat with the many shopping and dining choices available for them.

Welcome to Singapore!

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21 Goals at an Exhibition



Here are 21 specific goals that can be achieved by your company at an exhibition :



• Get on the radar of the media so they know that you are there at the exhibition

• Generate coverage from your presence at the exhibition. Do you have a new product to launch? What’s the angle that makes it newsworthy?

• Build relationships with members of the media before, during and after the exhibition. It will come in very useful in the long-run.



• Test the market on a new product you are launching. What’s the response like? What can be improved? Take copious notes so you know what to improve and refine on when you go back to the drawing board.

• Research your marketing campaign and see what others are doing too. How can your ideas be improved?

• Discover perceptions from the market and also market awareness of your brand. Talk to many people and discover perceptions.



• Identify and recruit new distributors or partners. This is a great time to reach out and create new channels.

• Support your current sales channel while you are at the exhibition.

• Build your reputation as a partner.



• Create or raise market awareness of your brand

• Position or reposition your brand. An exhibition is a great time to make a splash or announcement.

• Educate / Demonstrate. Make use of your stage to share and educate.

• Boost investor perceptions. Being involved in exhibitions shows you have arrived.

• Develop new markets that you want to get into.



• Build relationships with current customers

• Educate customers

• Upsell and cross-sell customers

• Collect customer testimonials

• Re-sell lapsed customers



• Generate sales leads

• Make direct sales

• Build a contact database