Do you Provide Delivery of the Order to My Office / Event Venue?

Do you Provide Delivery of the Order to My Office / Event Venue?

For your convenience, we can arrange for delivery of orders to your office, event venue and hotel too. Delivery is charged per trip.

– S$30 to Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Jurong Island

– S$20 to all other locations island-wide

For hotel drop-offs, you can normally arrange for us to leave it with the concierge desk at the hotel, in the care of the concierge. We will ask the concierge to sign for the delivery.

All deliveries are done within working hours, unless specifically requested. Deliveries done out of the normal working hours might incur additional charges, which we will inform you in advance.

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Attending an exhibition in Singapore for the very first time

Attending an Exhibition in Singapore for the first time


If you are attending an exhibition in Singapore, you will find the island affectionately referred to as ‘The Little Red Dot’ to be a dynamic business hub with unlimited choices for dining, shopping and more. Singapore as a business hub provides easy access to Asia’s markets. As a well-integrated MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions) hotspot, it is the perfect location for business with your regional and international clients.

For those who are attending an exhibition in Singapore for the very first time,

Welcome! Or as we say in our national language: Selamat Datang!

Attending an Exhibition in Singapore for the first time

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Who are the Best Printing Companies in Singapore? (Ratings/Reviews)

Best Printing Companies in SingaporeWho are the best printing companies in Singapore?

Each year, we at meet hundreds of companies and businesses in Singapore who need printing solutions, as they prepare marketing & promotional items to push their marketing campaigns and leave a great impression at exhibitions and tradeshows. Having been in the Singapore printing & display industry for more than a decade, and so many of our customers request our advice and expertise on printing & marketing solutions, they often also ask us who are some of the other printing companies in Singapore.


We are really blessed to be here in Singapore, because we have some of the finest printing & display companies with high standards and quality products in the market. Anyone who walks into a shopping mall, or into an exhibition hall in Singapore can attest to that. You will be blown away at the world-class and premium quality of printed materials and promotional solutions that we have here. Gaze at window displays and you know we have some of the best visual merchandisers. Waltz into supermarkets and find the aisle decked to the hilt with the best marketing messages, displayed very professionally.

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How Do I Frame a Poster? 3 Ways to Decorate the Office

How Do I Frame A Poster?



(3 Ways to Decorate the Office)

How to Frame a Poster

A simple way to quickly jazz up a space is to put up posters on the walls. You probably put up posters of your favourite band or superheroes in your bedroom when you were younger. Some of us have our favourite shots from our wedding photoshoot blown up and framed in our master bedroom. Many of us spend hours at the IKEA showroom looking through the many choices for photo frames.

Posters are great to decorate the office space as well. In a new office, the walls can be bare and dull, and you can quickly spice up the space by hanging up a few posters. Even better if the posters hold your corporate message, describe your company culture and values, and inform visitors to the office of your company history, milestones and achievements.

We have clients who receive posters sent to them from the corporate headquarters (HQ) and they need to get the posters framed up and displayed on the walls. There are many choices to get this done. You can make it a DIY project with a couple of workmates, purchase the frames and do the framing yourself. Or you can engage a professional display company to frame a poster for you.

Over the years, because we received so many enquiries from customers asking for these products and for advice on how to frame a poster, so we have started providing various options for framing of posters that work very well in a corporate setting, and lend a professional look to the space.

You can choose from Snapframes, Acrylic Frames or PVC Frame Capping.


Snapframes are great when you want a fast and easy way to get your posters framed. Using a spring mechanism on all 4 sides, the sides of the frame can be open and shut anytime you like. It snaps open and snaps shut. There is a clear protective sheet to overlay on your poster. Using a snapframe is really simple, just snap open all 4 sides of the frame, remove the clear protective sheet, place your poster against the frame backing, place the clear protective sheet over your poster, and snap shut the 4 sides of the frame – and you’re DONE! It probably wouldn’t take you more than a minute to do.

Frame a Poster with Snapframe


Fixing it on the wall is also easy, since the frame is quite lightweight. You can choose to affix the frame to the wall just by using heavy-duty mounting tape. And the next time you need to change the posters, you can do it without having to take the frames off the wall. Just snap open the 4 sides of the frame and remove the existing poster, and replace it with the new poster. It’s really user-friendly and we are sure you’ll love how simply it works.

We offer standard sizes for snapframes (see: What are common poster sizes?) as well as customised sizes too, if you need them customised to the size of your posters.


Frame a Poster with SnapframeFrame a Poster with Snapframe


Snapframes are also frequently found in shopping centres and in elevators, too. They carry marketing posters showing the latest promotions happening in the malls. And because the information changes every month, mall management choose the snapframes for how easy it is to change posters regularly without having to take them off the walls when you are doing the changeover.




Another way to frame a poster is to sandwich it in an acrylic frame. Acrylic frames are clear perspex holders that can hold your posters with style. The glossy sheen of the acrylic surface gives a classic impressive look to any poster.

Frame a Poster with Acrylic Sandwich Frames


We offer standard sizes as well as customised sizes for acrylic frames.

The corners of the frames have chrome spacers that look very stylish and they hold the 2 pieces of acrylic together. Acrylic frames are a hit with customers for corporate setting because of how stylish and classy it looks in an office setting.

To change the posters, it is quite easy still. Just unscrew the spacers at the 4 corners and carefully remove the acrylic frame. Lay it flat on a table and open up the acrylic piece. Replace the poster, and you might even add a tiny piece of double-sided tape on the back of the poster (on the edges) to help keep the poster from sliding off-centre.

Frame a Poster with Acrylic Sandwich Frames






Have a tight budget and want to keep expenses down? We suggest the PVC frame capping for your poster.

Frame A Poster with PVC Frame Capping

Unlike the first 2 options, PVC Frame Capping is a more permanent way of framing your poster. You cannot remove it and change to reuse your poster again. The first step is to take your rolled poster and mount it onto 5mm foamboard backing. It will be pasted onto the foamboard (this is the permanent part that’s irreversible). Then, the foamboard mounted poster will have PVC capping down around the perimeter of the poster (just the edges).

Posters with PVC Capping Frame

PVC Frame Capping for VeoliaPVC Frame Capping for Merck


PVC Capping can be done in any size customised to your poster size. It is very lightweight and after you frame a poster, you can put it up on the wall using just velcro tape or double sided mounting tape.





If you need other choices aside from the 3 mentioned above, we also can provide wooden framing and more. Do feel free to check with us! You can enquire below or just give us a call to ask how to frame a poster and we are free to provide advice for no cost at all. Look forward to speaking with you.

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